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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 07, 2022
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Can "face value" be divided into classes? How should this sense of class be defined? The national compulsory education, which is highly expected by all mankind, teaches everyone to "don't judge people by their appearance", but no one can deny that beauty is a good business. Just staring at others and being stared at can have a strong influence. Turning to the fourth chapter of "Fairy Everyday Romance" by artist Ni Ruihong , she described that she was very confused about the future for a period of time after graduation. Taiwanese? What are you doing here? Have you heard of the eight major industries? Do you want to challenge the million-dollar annual salary? Just chatting with you like this, you have already passed the interview, consider your inherent photo retouching conditions, give yourself A chance for success." The man who works as a hotel manager used "I noticed you who I never knew in the crowd and took the initiative to come to chat with you" as a compliment, so that people could listen to what he had to say. The interviewee said that he went to a famous store for an interview, and the store directly shot him and said, "We only accept people with good looks. " Witnessing the loss of the interviewee, on the one hand, I want to understand the objective standards of the human flesh market, on the other hand, I am glad that I can choose a career that is not based on body and face as the core competitiveness, and someone at any time can point me where to look old and fat. The realm of showing ugliness and only praising the young and beautiful body, I really can't stand it and don't want to accompany it. Where face value is more lucrative, comparison and class feel more stark and bloody. Who deserves to be stared at by the world's richest people? The game rules of Yan Zhi Shura Field

Nayeem Ahmed

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